Masculine Room Designs Solutions for Small Houses - impression

Masculine Room Designs Solutions for Small Houses

Masculine Room Designs Solutions for Small Houses – Having a small house, does not mean it can’t decorate with the masculine theme, which is often associated with dark colors and heavy. You can still give a touch of dark colors and heavy on a small house with a certain trick. Creativity is not dead in the small house. Even the most extreme, masculine-themed decor by incorporating dark colors it is […]

Cool Tiny Houses Design Ideas - tetsu tree house

Cool Tiny Houses Design Ideas

Having a beautiful, comfortable, and cool place to stay, did not merely live in a spacious and magnificent. But there are some things can make life more alive even though only living in a tiny houses. Only with the decoration or design spectacular, maybe we can spend our lives in a comfortable place that we create by ourselves. Cool Tiny Houses Design Ideas House Balancing on a Rock   This […]

Bohemian Style Decor for Your House - macrame chairs

Bohemian Style Decor for Your House

Bohemian style is one surely term for fashion lovers. Now, bohemian style also being trendy in home design into a bohemian style decor. The style first appeared in Europe in 19th century which is quite identical to the things that smelled ‘freak` and vintage. No wonder, the style describe a group that has more interest in the arts, indeed. The impression appearance when wearing a bohemian style could look edgy or chic. […]

blue color bedroom ideas - modern

Blue Color Bedroom Ideas

Blue color bedroom ideas – Room tranquility will contribute to the comfort of your sleep. There is one way that you can use to build a peaceful feel of the bedroom, by presenting a blue color on the walls of your room. According to a study from Travelodge in 2013, as reported on huffingtonpost page on Wednesday (05/13/2015) people sleeping in a room longer in shades of blue than the other colors. […]

Purple Color Bedroom Ideas - girly

Purple Color Bedroom Ideas

Purple Color Bedroom Ideas – Perhaps, among us assign purple as favorite color. However, have you tried to decorate rooms with the color purple? The purple color symbolizes spirituality, luxury, extravagance, and policies. Violet is categorized into the ‘cold’ color spectrum, and has the benefit of red and blue color at once, and gave a balance between stimulation and tranquility. See it and your creativity can be triggered. The bright […]


Easy Ways to Make Room Look Lighter

Lighting is not only crucial for taking pictures or shooting a video. However, a light fitting provision in the room is able to evoke the mood for the better. In addition, refreshing impression will be emitted. During summer, the room will feel lighter. However, what if the rains come back? Is the room will remain bright? The rainy season not only make the room feel cooler, but also tend to […]

Black and White Decorations for Home - kitchen style

Black and White Decorations for Home

Black and white which is also often called a monochromatic color often an option for home decoration. Classic yet modern impression at the same time, black and white decorations for home is selected by who want elegance minimalist decor. Large and small spaces, dining room or bedroom, everything is fine to use this monochromatic color scheme. In fact, in many cases, this option is applied in a small room to give […]